NOVA Magazine: New Zealand's Holistic Journal Articles on Consciousness

We can learn from the Buddha how to cultivate a clear and conscious mind, says Eric Harrison... Consciousness is a peculiar thing. During the day, our minds are awake and conscious. The lights are on and we feel in control. At night, the lights go out. We are asleep and oblivious, and so out of control we don't even notice it is happening.



  Egypt's Goddess Power
  21st Century Buddhism
  A Sustainable Life
  Aboriginal Spirituality
  Becoming Conscious
  Becoming Divine
  Beyond Reason: Healing comes from the soul, not the mind
  Bright Light, Deep Shadow
  Brotherly Love
  Buddha Peace
  Byron Blessing
  Change Your Mind
  Choose Your Future
  Conscious Eating
  Dharma in Brazil
  Embracing the Earth
  Envisioning 2012
  From Imagination to Reality
  Hold the Wonder
  Holding Focus
  Infinity Medicine: Non local medicine is the new frontier
  Inside and Outside
  Jesus, Divine Rebel
  Joining the Dots
  Living Ethically
  Love the Shadow
  Mind Building
  Pieces of Love
  Politics on the Plate: Food now demands conscious choice
  Psychic Downtime
  Science versus God
  Set a True Course
  Shamanism in our Times
  Start with Self Awareness
  The Circle of Compassion
  The Great People Rescue
  The Maya are the Wise Ones in 2012
  The Neglected Paradise
  The Real Jesus
  The Reality of Choice
  The Simple Art of Happiness
  Unheralded Peacemaker
  Unwholesome Truths
  Waking from Sleep